Apr 6, 2011

our house: girl’s bedroom

I am VERY excited to post that I am finally done our daughter’s room. D-O-N-E.

Even though a lot of this I have changed/made myself, this will not be a place to share a “how to” with anyway. If I showed you how to paint furniture, you would have little hard paint drips in more than one place, like me, from not sanding enough or painting too thick. If I showed you how to quilt a pillow, you would be tracing your fabric squares out in PEN and not really caring if your corners match up.

But if there is one thing I would like you take away from this, is that no one ever looks close enough to see these imperfections, so let’s not focus on them, shall we? (This is a good lesson for other aspects of life as well)

Without further ado, here is her room:

our house: girl's room: ordinary mom

Her bed, painted nightstand and bookcase

our house: girl's room: ordinary mom

Her bureau, kitchen and table

This was an old fake wood bookcase I painted green. I followed Censational Girl’s directions for painting laminate. I also wanted to put numbers on the tags for her bins, but she demanded letters, and not just any letters but P, Q, R, & S. I figured, why not? [owl is from a great etsy store: Manic Muffin Totes]

our house: girl's room - painted bookshelf: ordinary mom

Her bookcase

I just finished this today and LOVE it, but don’t look too close at my corners. ;)

our house: girl's room - quilted pillow: ordinary mom

Her quilted pillow

I love this nightstand. It was black from Loblaws and looks awesome green. I also like that I hung her night light super low so she can turn it on and off herself from bed. [artwork by Holli Conger]

our house: girl's room - painted nightstand: ordinary mom

Her nightstand and night light

This is her princess mirror. Again, it was black (from an Ikea bureau) and I painted it slightly greener than her walls. And added some rhinestone stickers from the dollar store.

our house: girl's room - painted mirror: ordinary mom

Her princess mirror

This is her play kitchen. I made it out of an old nightstand of my parent’s and love it, although I would do a bunch of things differently if I did it again.

our house: girl's room - DIY play kitchen: ordinary mom

Her play kitchen

And lastly, this is her table and chairs where she serves all her meals. I painted two discount canvases with a window design to give her dining room a view (of the beach since I miss the East Coast).

our house: girl's room - table and chairs: ordinary mom

Her table and chairs with a view

So there you have it. Now that I am done her room, off to finish my son’s.

4 thoughts on “our house: girl’s bedroom

  1. Anne

    WOW! Her room looks amazing and SO colourful! Any little girl would be so pleased to have this room all to herself! And the quilted pillow turned out beautiful!! (the corners look great to me!)

  2. Gisele

    Hey Janet, I love this room, it is so soft and pretty! And all the awesome creative projects you made are lovely!

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