Mar 1, 2012

share the good

Tell people the good

Tell people the good...

[source: heidiburton on etsy via pinterest]

I came across this on pinterest the other day and it stopped me. This is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. I have been considering how often I celebrate and cheer on my children but how little I do that for friends or people in my life who make a difference in some aspect of my life or others.

And I really want my kids to learn about how to treat people by my actions on not my words. If I want them to be good people, I have to be a good person. So this thought that has been churning around and around in my head had started to have an effect on the way I respond, thank, smile, engage and talk to people.

And I keep thinking. I am surrounded in my life by AMAZING people. Seriously AMAZING. From my immediately family to those who I have a purely digital based relationship with. Have I told them? Do they know how their actions, reactions, thoughts and words have impacted my life in a positive way?

We are so quick to judge. We are SO quick to judge ourselves, to take in negative comments and place those on our hearts. In the great classic film “Pretty Woman” ;P Julia Roberts states that “the bad stuff is easier to believe”. Which is true and sad. So we need to put MORE good stuff out there. Say MORE good things about people. Destroy the bad stuff before it takes hold.

So in that direction, I want to say that for you who read my words (whether you comment or not) and support my little blog, I am so FREAKING grateful for you.

Lastly, here is an awesome video (from a TED Toronto talk) of how we can affect someone’s whole life with a small gesture and not even know it:
Leading with Lollipops.

4 thoughts on “share the good

  1. Anne

    And here I thought Mom was just being sarcastic in her post and assuming she was one of the “AMAZING people”. LOL!! Just kidding! Of course she is! And yes, we appreciate all the kind things you say to us. I’m going to try to focus more on the positive as well…not just about people, but life in general.

    1. janet

      LOL! I figured she was being sarcastic too but then she IS one of the amazing people (as are you). So I couldn’t respond in jest. It is good to focus on the positive. Sometimes it is hard but it definitely creates a better mood then the alternative. :)

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