Jun 13, 2013

our house: the dining room

So that to-do list? The one that I have broken down into bite sized pieces? Yeah! It seems to be working. :)

Yesterday I finished off the last couple jobs I wanted to do in the dining room. And I am sticking a fork in it and calling it done.

So the last time I showed the dining room fully, it was green:

And then I hinted at the changes on instagram a few months back:

And this past week, I was able to make one more change I have been wanting to make. I emptied out the hutch and it looked like this (these next few pictures are from my iphone):

working on the dining room - ordinarymom.ca

But the secret was it was actually black paper at the back:

back of my hutch - before - ordinarymom.ca

Which was hiding this:

the hated mirror back on the hutch - ordinarymom.ca

I hated the mirror back because it would reflect everything in the room and always looked cluttered to me. I didn’t mind the black but wanted a change and to lighten it up. And I have seen many nice black hutches with white inside so I bought white melamine painted hard board and removed the mirror and backing and replaced it to look like this:

new white board backing on hutch - ordinarymom.ca

I love how it looks and eventually will probably paint the full inside white as well but for now it is a nice and bright change.

Here is the dining room today:

our dining room - ordinarymom.ca

our dining room - ordinarymom.ca

our dining room - ordinarymom.ca

our dining room - ordinarymom.ca

our dining room - ordinarymom.ca

our dining room - ordinarymom.ca

I love how my tea cup collection stand out more now. And a couple other hidden treasures like one of my bells I kept from my childhood bell collection and a Royal Doulton doll that was my grandmother’s that she left me because it was named Janet.

I love it when the little changes you want really DO make the difference you hope they do.

16 thoughts on “our house: the dining room

    1. janet

      Me too! I think it will look even better all white on the inside but since you don’t see the black because of the boards across the doors, for now this is perfect!

    1. janet

      Thanks! I love the white more than I even thought I would.

      The four pictures are panoramics I created using a photo stitch software from various trips my husband and I have taken. I still love them and how much wall space they fill. :)

    1. janet

      Thanks Dani…
      The new backing is actually white hardboard. The paper worked for a while but wasn’t the best solution. Plus, during the holidays, I have a Christmas village I like to set up in my hutch and really wanted the ability to drill a hole through the back for a plug. The mirrors had to go!! :)

    1. janet

      Thanks Samara! I agree. Sometimes the small changes are the most rewarding especially when you underestimate them! :)

  1. Jackie Tetzlaff

    Beautiful!! I like everything about your room. What color and brand of paint did you use? Enjoy your blog too.

    1. janet

      Thanks Jackie! :)

      The paint is called Zeppelin by CIL at Home Depot. I love it. For me it is the perfect grey. Not too warm and not too cool.

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