Dec 15, 2013

organize: duvets

So I have been known to post before about “embracing the crazy“, otherwise known as “acknowledging I am a little fussy and going with it”. Now, the thing is, while I tend to be a little particular about some things, I HATE putting in effort where it’s not needed. Hence the beads on my blind cords. It saves me time and energy, even if it is only a second or two. ;)

So another thing that I find I can get frustrated by are duvets. I LOVE our duvet and the kids love theirs. But what I don’t love is when the duvet shifts away from the corners and edges with use. And you end up with this:

fixing duvet corners @

See the dotted grey line? That’s where the duvet is sitting. And this is my daughter’s twin duvet. Our queen gets even worse.

I decided to solve this issue and stop myself from trying to shake the duvet into the corners constantly. So I did what any sane person would do.

I got out my hammer.

Seriously! I got these tools:

fixing duvet corners @

A hammer and a grommet kit from the fabric store.

fixing duvet corners @

Grommets are super easy. You have two sizes, the tall and the short that fit inside each other. You stick the tall one through a hole you make in the fabric and set the other one on top. (This picture is missing the fabric so you can see them together.)

Sit the two of them on their little form and place the hammering tool on top. And then hammer down. I used a block of wood underneath to protect my floors.

fixing duvet corners @

When you cut the hole in your fabric I found an x shape worked best. I also used a poker to push through the batting. And when I was done I had this:

fixing duvet corners @

So now what? Well, now I went and added ties to the inside of the duvet cover. Just folded a length of twill tape in half and stitched them in the seam allowance of the cover.

fixing duvet corners @

And then I tied the corners to the duvet. Note: When you do this, do not tie everything together tightly or it will pucker. You want it to move freely in the corner, just not move AWAY from the corner. I did however tie double bows so that it wouldn’t come undone.

fixing duvet corners @

And then once you turn it inside out and give it a good shake, you have a duvet fitting nicely in your cover that isn’t going anywhere.

fixing duvet corners @


4 thoughts on “organize: duvets

  1. Donna Dziubek

    AGAIN, I say it. You are one smart cookie with another common problem solved. Thank you for the simple solution.

    1. janet

      Thank you Donna. When things like that drive me nuts, it only has to be a couple of times before I have to figure out a solution. :)

  2. Anne

    Love it! My idea was to have snaps on the inside corner of the duvet cover and also on the corners of the duvets…but of course I don’t have the skills to implement this. But I can’t understand why IKEA hasn’t come up with this! Well…it would cost more $$, but we’d all be happier customers! :) I’m glad you have come up with a solution!

    1. janet

      I agree! This could be a simple solution across the board. If all duvets came with grommets and all covers came with ties…

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