Dec 5, 2013

our house: little man’s room

little man's room @

So it has been a while since I posted anything online. But that is not to say nothing had been going on, quite the opposite actually. I have been booting it around the house trying to do some updates and changes that I wanted to get done before Christmas.

One of the first things needed updating were the kids’ rooms. Yes, I know I had updated them recently but I realized this fall that they needed new bookcases. They both love to read (which is awesome) and especially in my little man’s room, we had run out of space in the old, smaller bookcase and I hated how disorganized it always looked. And I knew it could get even worse after Christmas.

So we upgraded his bookcase to the Billy and nightstand to the Hemnes.

little man's room @

Knowing some things were going to change in the room, I asked the kids if they would like a new colour as well. When we moved three years ago, I had their rooms painted almost the same colours as the last house to make the transition easier on them. So they have had these colours for 6+ years. Of course, I allowed them to choose but only from 4 “mommy approved” swatches I had picked out.

Little man choose this khaki/army green colour. It is called Tennessee Haze by CIL at Home Depot.

little man's room @

He always commented on how much OUR bed was super cozy. We have flannel sheets and a plaid duvet from Ikea. So I found a great plaid duvet from Ikea that went with his Ikea drapes and bought matching flannel sheets from Sears.

He also picked up the zombie poster from his school book fair and carefully carried it home without damaging it. So I found an old frame I had, used black electrical tape to create a mat. And hung it above his bed.

little man's room @

I found some great pillows at Bouclair and this AWESOME storage ottoman from Target. Seriously excited about it. I don’t care what he throws in it when I tell him to clean up. Just that I don’t have to see it. He thought it looked like a MineCraft ottoman so I got bonus points for that. LOL!

little man's room @

As we were putting some things away to sell and some to save, we put away his old elephant bank that I made for him when I was pregnant. It was too babyish for this pre-teen room. He was so worried about where he would put his money. I found this great high top sneaker bank at Bouclair and he LOVES it. Such a great little detail.

We still have quite a few pictures to hang in his room. Some art to make. But I love how everything has come together. And how much neater it looks when he heads off to school. And in his words, the room is now “EPIC”. So I guess he likes it. ;)

Perfect for a pre-teen. Who will ALWAYS be my “little man”.

wall colour: Tennessee Haze by CIL

10 thoughts on “our house: little man’s room

    1. janet

      Thanks! And yes, it will work as he grows. It definitely has more of a mature feeling to it. Although I always loved that blue. :)

    1. janet

      Thanks Heather! I was concerned about all the black in the room but he wanted it all black. It’s cool, you know. ;) But you are right, this colour doesn’t make it as jarring as the blue did.

    1. janet

      Thanks Karen! I hope so. The idea though that my little man is going to be looking down on me someday like yours, is a heart breaker. :) Glad he is still your little man though.

  1. Janet

    It looks fantastic – great job!
    I thought of Minecraft when I first saw the ottoman photo too. My kids definitely would have given that extra points ;)

    1. janet

      Thanks Janet!

      That crazy minecraft!! But I guess if this is how I can limit him to minecraft in his room over plastering the walls with posters, I will take it!! LOL! :)

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